Fight with your sword, drop some bombs and use your armor to protect you from your enemies! But remember: to reach the next island, you’ll have to give one of your weapons to the sea. Good luck!

Arrow keys or WASD: MOVE

[ctrl] or right click: ATTACK

[alt] or left click: DROP A BOMB

French team of 3 videogame students

Concept and game design by the entire team

Development & sound design: Jean-Baptiste Maigrot @jibbs

Design: Léandre Renouard @leandre-renouard & Lara Ploix @larapoi

Music: Airship Thunderchild by Otto Halmén (creative commons)


Download 18 MB
Download 24 MB


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I recomend you add link to ludum dare game page.

Thanks for reminding me :)